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The Pastissou

The Pastissou de Cette is a little shortbread sweet and salt, with olive oil and aniseed. It is sold in a little parcel of 150g, representing an aerial view on the town of Sète, on the front y and the back joust players of Sète on a small boat.
The association of the Pastissou of Cette, declared association law 1901 has protected the name of Pastissou, its recipe and its packaging at the INPI on May 25th 1998.


le Pastissou dans son emballage
It was created and remains exclusively made in the town of Sète, by the eight cake makers following:
Serge APRILE, Gérard BERTIN, Rudy CERRATO, Francis IPERT, Bruno LIEGEOIS, Raphaël MONTOYA, Jean-Louis VIGNAU, and François SANCHEZ

The Pastissou of Cette has been officially presented at the food and drink meeting, at the Georges Brassens Hall in Sète, in the presence of the mayor Mr François Liberty and The elected on March 7th 1998.
Monday 9th March 1998, T.V. presenter Gerard LAPLACE presented the Pastissou on the southern France Channel FR3 Sud on the same week M6 Channel did the same.
The purpose of creating that biscuit, is to allow each one to bring a souvenir of the singular Island.
As for the Sète's in habitants, they can now export their town to the earth extremities, thanks to that original visiting card.
Le Pastissou

The Pastissou of Cette put on a extravagant packaging to liven fairs, expositions, artesans meetings.

But the Pastissou has a magical formule hold in secrery in its recipe, for it linked our corporation by real friendship.
Indeed, we have regular meetings, and for Epiphany, the cake makers of Sète have drawn the Kings.

Surprising, isn't it ?

Dear in Sète 's heart, that is why that is little biscuit so much like its Island.

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