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The Frescati

That pudding comes from the great French cake making tradition. It owns it name to the Mediterranean translation of a famous cake fashionable in the second half of XIX th century the Frascati - even called Frescati since 1865 -

Its recipe has changed in some ways. Firstly, a sponge cake with crystallized fruit cooked in a savarin mould, with apricots and decorated - became in 1890 a three Stairs cake, with kirsch icing and decorated with a vanilla flavoured cream, the all lot laid on a crumble tart. The second preparation makes it look like its modern version. The last touch is given at the same period - cooking it in a sponge cake mould - covered with meringue and rapidly heated in an oven -

le frescati dans sa boite
The Frescati selling with identity card and special box

That pudding was introduced in Sete toward 1890 by André Fournier who used to make it during its apprenticeship, during his tour of France. His talent helped him to make his trade famous, a real family firm, just situated in the centre of the town, 3 rue Gambetta.

Noticing that pudding had the quality of staying several days out of cold just in the shadow and a fresh air draft, thank to the use of an Italian meringue, while Setois summers are torrid. He adapted it to the locals tastes, adding rhum, raisins and a coffee icing.

The success was immediate. That Pompous cake appealed to the lower middle classes, numerous wealthy traders who appreciated it, in Solemn banquets, to the Casino Kursaal of the beach, in family parties, notably those made to celebrate the city’s day, the Saint Louis.

Michèle and Serge Aprile

Serge Aprile is the fourth generation of cake makers, he maintains that recipe showing exactly the indications left by his grand father, Gaston Bladier, in a diary with an old cover. Leaving its original presentation, he often makes it in individual portions.

So, do not hesitate, Setes and visitors,

rediscover and taste a dessert belonging to our Sete traditional taste : the Saint Louis Gâteau.

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Catherine LOPEZ-DREAU city of Sete Archivist

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