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The Celebration of gastronomie in Sete

Last Sunday of June.

Each year the town of Sete organizes, in partnership, with local professionals, restaurants owners, cake makers, ousters farmers, pies makers, the celebration of local gastronomy in Sete.

local gastronomy in Sete
Atmosphere on the Fescati Stall

That meeting, has a goal, to preserve our culinary heritage, and our local products, fishes, shellfishes, vegetables, wines, spices, it takes place every year, the last Sunday of June.

In a historical neighbourhood among ship, near the fish market, it's along the harbour, that local culinary art will be honoured, all day long.
Starting in the morning, a local products fair opens its doors, it allows to taste numerous specialities, after that, a giant buffet is prepared for lunch, with various demonstrations.
local gastronomy in Sete
Atmosphere on the Fescati Stall

local gastronomy in Sete
Beside the sliced Frescati, photographes show to the public the essential step for the making of the pastry.
In two dozens of views, visitors discover the making of that centenary cake.
Toward 7PM chefs and cake makers open their steles, composed with local specialities for the culinary exchanges.

Between 50and 100 different recipes, savoury, sweet, spicy, cold, hot, offer a buffet of 500 dishes.

That meeting brings a particularity in which the public can discover different dishes in one plate.

Also the local chefs can explain their recipes, some of them quite refined ones.

"Encornets et moules farcis" (stripped calmar and mussels)
"filets de maquereaux et petite brunoise de legumes au vin blanc" (mackerel filets and vegetable in white wine sauce)

"rouille de seiche"
"salades et marinades du pecheur" (fisherman salads and marinated fishes)
"tielles Setoise" (Sete pies with octopus in hot sauce), marinated tuna
"brasucade de moules fraîches" (barbecue of mussels)
"feuilleté de daurade" (sea bream pies)
"pistre de moules et d'encornets"
"brochettes de petites seiches et de legumes" (octopus et vegetables kebabs)
"penné au poivrons confits safranés"
"rouget et sardines à l'escabèche"
"anchois frais aux olives et poivrons" (fresh anchovies with peppers and olives)
"salpicons de fruit de mer"
"marinades de filets de rougets au coriandre" (marinated red mullet with coriander)
shellfish "moules marinières"

local gastronomy in Sete
Original presentation of the Frescati in Napolitan slices, on a Sete folklore traditional water joust boat.
That new concept of tasting in individual portions has originelly been designed for the gastronomy celibration in oder to help more people to discover that pestigious pudding, which presented some difficulties for the individual sliving.
"frescati" in share
orange cakes
"crêpes à la crème diplomate au muscat de frontignan" (pancakes scuffed with a sweet wine flavoured cream)
local ice cream with :gentian or aniseed-flavoured, melon or water melon, tiramisu…

That is a sample of what you will be able to taste in Sete the last Sunday of June, in a warm and musical atmosphere.

Celebration of gastronomie in Sete
The complete team, from left to right: Serge et Michèle APRILE, cake makers surrounding Catherine LOPEZ Frescati historian.

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